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title: When I die, spread my ashes over my blog k?
date: January 19, 2010
time:5:09 PM

I'm keeping to my blog everyday routine. :) Today there was this korean girl, think her name is se won, talking to me and my aunty at Olympia college. She's a student there and I like her a lot. She's extremely talkative and always so bubbly. ^.^ Well she was gossiping, saying how the guys were interested in the new cute girl at the front desk, *ahem* me. ;)

But they heard that I'm the principal's niece lol. Then one of the korean dudes said, "Aiyo cannot ask for number lah. We'll get in trouble with the principal." HAHAHA.

And a taiwan guy asked my senior at the front desk whether I'm taken then he said "Got boyf but not married yet, still can." I feel so flattered. :)