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title: It's hard not to miss you when you're not around.
date: January 31, 2010
time:8:51 PM

I cant believe Sunday is going to be over and Monday is looming around the corner. Lucas has gone back to PJ. I hate the feeling everytime he leaves, I feel empty and so alone. And tears come no matter how hard I try to fight it. I'm just waiting for when I can see him again. I wished life could be like back in Subang again.

Anyway its back to work tomorrow. Not sure whether I'll go for rui xiang's party this friday. I'm not that close to them and I'm trying to avoid this guy who's becoming too close for comfort. x__x Oh and did I mention my brother got a pet scorpion. Wtf lol.

So who wants to go out this week? :)

title: Vampires do NOT sparkle.
date: January 30, 2010
time:11:44 PM

Today was a freakingly awesome day! I got up at 8 and showered and got dress. Called lucas around 9 to wake him up. He picked me up around 11? Went over to his place and just hung out, talking. :3 Ordered pizza, cheese lava! Yummy lunch. Had barbecue for dinner. Crabs, ray fish, chicken wings, potatoes, sausages, salad, beef strips and marshmallows! So glad lucas could join. After dinner, headed up to my parents room and he played a bit of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 with my brother and cousin. I cant wait for another day to spend with him tomorrow. ^-^

I'm effin tired. But effin happy. :D

title: Chipsmore tiem! :D
date: January 29, 2010
time:4:04 PM
Which are you?

I'm having some problems saving the Food Eating Competition video for Olympia so no video yet sigh. :( Joined my aunty, sylvia and my cousin, eliza, for lunch at Jyu. Had my cheese omelette and grilled potato again lol. Yum~ After that we went to check out some boutiques nearby. There were some pretty dresses and tops that I think would look good on me lol. But I was determined not to spend. In the end my cousin bought two tops, white pants and a black fitted blazer. While my aunt bought various tops. ^^ They kept picking clothes and saying how nice I would look in them. But I dont have anywhere to wear those kind of clothes. Unless I work or go clubbing. :p And nirmal complimented me today, saying I was named the hottest girl in college by the guys haha. *kepala besar*

And I just found out today that my family is having a barbecue tomorrow night. I found out from my aunt. When my mom is the one organizing. =____= It's a family affair but I'll try asking whether lucas can come. ^^

title: I want to look super cute for you.
date: January 28, 2010
time:5:31 PM
And I'm lucky coz lucas is all three. :)

So today I went shopping with may jet in Parade. She came to fetch me from Olympia. ^^ Had lunch at MP Steamboat again. Picked out the same tofu as the day I went with kiern. I like tofu. :3 After that went browsing the shops. We were determined to buy something for ourselves haha. MJ bought cute shoes and I was searching everywhere for a cute dress. In the end managed to find one at Acewin and MJ picked out two belts for me to wear with the dress. :) Gonna wear it for lucas this weekend. Hope he likes. :)

I'm really excited about him coming back tomorrow. Although I wont get to see him tomorrow yet, since he'll be back late.. But I have the weekend with him at least. I wish he didnt have to go back on Sunday though lol.

title: Keep your comments to yourself please.
date: January 27, 2010
time:7:22 PM

I worked full day today for the Food Eating Competition at Olympia. When we were preparing the food for the competition, I was friggin glad I didnt join. xD They had to stack burgers filled with lemon, chilli padi, bitter gourd, mashed tofu, raw egg and condensed milk topped with sugar. *shudders* During the comp my job was to video everyone. Kesian them la, their faces all macam wanna puke. >.<

After the comp, I went to minum at the mamak with paddy, ruixiang & yip, flody, rex and the other foreign students. :) I guess they wanted to wash their mouths after the burgers haha. Oh and rui xiang invited me for her boyf's bday celebration next week friday, hope I can go. :)

Friday is coming. And lucas is coming backkkk.

title: Megan Fox is the new face of Armani.
date: January 26, 2010
time:2:00 PM

Rob Patt in HP

Work today was fun! Coz me, pek wan and rui xiang ended up browsing designer bags. xD And Tiffany & Co. has the prettiest bracelets! I want.

I was in a dilemma earlier on because of my accomodation once I start studying in Monash. I wanted to stay with lucas but its too far from Monash and there's no shuttle service unlike Taylors. :( Couldnt find a place, so my cousin offered to let me stay with her. Pros : Free accomodation, free food, new car. Cons : Not much freedom. :( But today I found a room to let at a house opposite Sunway Medical so I can walk across and take the free shuttle service to Monash. :) Single room, RM450, air-cond, attached bathroom, clean. Sounds good. I can shuttle to Pyramid easily also. HOHO.

I'm in a super duper good mood today and its because of you. ^.^

title: I just like people to think I'm smart.
date: January 25, 2010
time:5:15 PM

When I saw this picture, I totally thought of folding it to make them kiss too. xD

Today was a slow day at work. Me and rui xiang were like a stamping factory haha. We were pasting stamps on letters, we have 44000 letters. :) It sounds boring but its not. Once you get the rhythm, its like automatic. You dont have to think and you can just talk and laugh while your hand works.

Oh and my dad got back from deep sea fishing off the coast of Pangkor and he brought back this super huge fish which was like 7kg. We sent it to the wet market for them to cut it into pieces for them. And you know what they did? They cut it but STOLE some pieces for themselves! When we got the fish back, it was so obviously smaller. Such dishonest people.

And now I'm watching this show called Beauty and the Geek. Gosh, I'm really enjoying it. It's all about beautiful-but-not-so-smart girls being paired with smart-but-not-so-cute geeks. And the winner at the end of the show is the pair that has changed the most to become a better and more wholesome person. ^^ I dont know whether are some of the girls so dumb or are they just acting lol. One girl said her IQ was 7. :D

title: I just need a little of your time.
date: January 24, 2010
time:4:32 PM
Lazy sunday. :) Woke up around 9:30 which is considered late for me. Was painting my nails black on the bed and suddenly the nail polish fell over and tertumpah on the blanket! Damn. Cannot remove some more. :( On the bright side, my nails are so pretty now.

My brother bought another PS3 game today called Hakuna Matata, developed by Sony Entertainment with help from National Geographic which piqued my interest. The game's basically about you being a photographer in Africa who's job is to take photos of the wild animals in the savannah. I was pretty skeptical at first. But the animals seem truly realistic, the way they look and sound (apparently sound effects are from National Geographic itself) and how they react to human presence. It's pretty unique compared to the other shooting/adventure games out there. And I've always thought it's uber cool to work for NG and right now this is the closest I can get lol.

On another note, Lucas is coming back next weekend! I'm so excited, I havent seen him in 2 weeks. :( I'll be counting down.

title: I have a license to thrill and to kill.
date: January 23, 2010
time:4:57 PM

So me and kiern went to watch Doraemon today. There were tons of kids there. The show felt too long though but I still like Doraemon and Nobita. :) After that we just walked around, looking at clothes but didnt buy anything. Save money. Before we left, walked into Novelhut coz I wanted to get Archie comics. I love going to Novelhut coz you'll never know what you'll find there for the cheapest prices. I spent RM21 on 8 books. Where else can you get a deal like that. Will probably spend the rest of the day reading my books.

I had the worst tummy ache last night. Hurt like hell and I couldnt sleep. Luckily my mom was around. I texted lucas around 12:45 to complain. It was nice talking to him since I couldnt sleep. But he stopped replying after 1:30. :( I probably slept close to 5.

I feel taken for granted sometimes. :(

title: I feel like pissing you off. :)
date: January 22, 2010
time:3:58 PM

I went back to school today with jessica, lydia, yeesan and sokwai. Enjoyed canteen food again and it was nice talking to all of them. I went early though about 1pm. So hung out with cyy and cys first. :) In the end, I ate mashed potato, kacang putih, ice cream, nuggets and roti telur. Super cheap and super yummy. Saw pn. helena and she said I looked like a model. My head is gonna be super big because of this week. :p

I feel like watching Hannah Montana again. Dont get me wrong, only because Lucas Till is there and he looked super yummy. The only reason I was willing to watch Hannah Montana twice lol.

title: Dorayaki time!
date: January 21, 2010
time:1:40 PM

Something interesting happens everyday. Your life will never be truly boring I think. ^^ Today there was someone advertising a special screening of Doraemon : Nobita and the Green Giant Legend movie at GSC in Parade this Saturday. My mom knows I love Doraemon so she got two tickets for me and a buddy to watch! :) So happens me and kiern were memang planning to go to Parade on Saturday. We were fated to watch Doraemon lol.


*hums the Doraemon theme song*

title: I am so much more amazing, right?
date: January 20, 2010
time:3:36 PM

Just finished watching a couple episodes of D.Gray-Man. :) Work today was pretty relaxing, nothing much to do. Just helped out with the Facebook competition Olympia College is organizing. Started talking to this China girl at the front desk too. Her name is rui xiang and she's cute and doll-like. :) Well, we started talking and she started introducing me to the other foreign students so we were talking and hanging out. They're all nice and friendly. ^^ They invited me to hang out with them if they go for a movie or go bowling or something. :D

This morning wasnt all good though. I saw something that made me sick to my stomach. I dont know, maybe I get jealous easily. Maybe I'm insecure. I dont want to be intimidated. I will not be intimidated by anyone.

EDIT : I'm watching Glee but I dont feel particularly gleeful. I just feel sad and I dont know where is it coming from. Maybe it all began this morning. I dont really want to talk to anyone but I also want someone to make me feel better. How? :(

title: When I die, spread my ashes over my blog k?
date: January 19, 2010
time:5:09 PM

I'm keeping to my blog everyday routine. :) Today there was this korean girl, think her name is se won, talking to me and my aunty at Olympia college. She's a student there and I like her a lot. She's extremely talkative and always so bubbly. ^.^ Well she was gossiping, saying how the guys were interested in the new cute girl at the front desk, *ahem* me. ;)

But they heard that I'm the principal's niece lol. Then one of the korean dudes said, "Aiyo cannot ask for number lah. We'll get in trouble with the principal." HAHAHA.

And a taiwan guy asked my senior at the front desk whether I'm taken then he said "Got boyf but not married yet, still can." I feel so flattered. :)

title: White is the new black.
date: January 18, 2010
time:2:37 PM

My Macbook arrived today! I'm blogging from it right now. :) I was hoping it would arrive today but when I got into my dad's car after work he didnt say anything about it arriving so I thought oh maybe tomorrow.. But when I came up to my room I saw this huge cardboard box on my bed and I was like OMG! I shouted to my dad that its here and he said he knew all along!! Its so pretty and I absolutely love it! Happy day~

title: I feel super cute today.
date: January 17, 2010
time:4:03 PM

I'm looking forward to dinner at Jyu tonight with my F5 classmates. But I'm not exactly looking forward to Japanese food. I still cant seem to find Japanese food that I like, besides their snacks and candy. Oh well. I hope I'll find something to eat there. I'll be driving alone for the first time! Not sure whether is it a good idea for jessica to follow me since its my first time haha. Gonna continue painting the walls again later. I'm more prepared now, I have these pair of white shorts which are splattered with paint as part of the design so I'm wearing those. ;)

"Why is Friday so far awar from Monday and Monday so bloody close to Friday."

EDIT : Alrighty, I got back from Jyu in one piece! I'm getting better at driving. :D The food was not bad, although I had non-Japanese food in a Japanese restaurant. I had cheese omelette and baked potatoes. :) We laughed so much and so hard. Gonna head back to school again this Friday for canteen food reunion!

title: Princess fairy bitch.
date: January 16, 2010
time:6:33 PM
I love these Facebook edits. ken-ann will probably say I'm mean again lol.

See, I'm trying to blog more. :) Well, change of plans. I'm going to watch Spy Next Door an hour. Coz we figured Jackie Chan would be cooler. Went for GB drill camp today, it was okay. I probably am biased but I think the quality merosot. We havent won the marching competition in 2 years. We won it 3 times in a row last time! Met kitmun and gayen at the badminton court. Took pictures with them haha. Volleyball team were practicing too. Saw cyy, senn, yvonne, etc. Its nice being in school again. :)

EDIT : Okay I just got back from JJ. Saw quite a few people. First saw pn. chan, she looked amazing as ever but I think she thinks I dont look very prefect-ish. Then saw the same row as me in the cinema! Sucha coincidence. ^^ Just as I left, saw leong, it feels like I havent seen her in ages! :( The movie was only soso. The bloopers at the end were even funnier than the entire movie lol.

title: It's the Weekend.
date: January 15, 2010
time:4:09 PM
Way to go Miley. Didnt know you were an exhibitionist. :)

Weekend is here! I'll be off for GB drill camp tomorrow. Gonna take pics of the suffering juniors lol. What are your weekend plans? I should go out more instead of lying around at home. Oh I'm going out to watch Old Dogs tomorrow with family. I hope its funny. John Travolta is suppose to be some kinda awesome famous actor right? What are his popular movies? o.O

title: Wow I've been away for a long time.
date: January 14, 2010
time:7:29 AM
I havent blogged for over a month. Hahaha. Well nothing much is new in my life. I'm working part time now at Olympia college. Just calling SPM leavers and asking whether are they interested in studying there. But I can only call after 11 coz they wont be awake. They should be more like me. I get up at 8. :p So before 11 I basically have nothing to do so I just Facebook, Plurk, go to Fmylife, read tweets, play games on my iPhone. Its all good. ;)

My laptop went kaput and daddy gave me a surprise by ordering a Macbook for me yday. We got the 13" Macbook, not pro coz it didnt seem worth it. ^^

I should go shower for work now. I still dont know what to wear. Its not appropriate to come in shorts right? D:

P.S. - Should I make my font bigger?