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title: i am not a failure.
date: May 29, 2009
time:2:16 PM
I passed my driving test. Barely passed. Oh wells. At least thats done and over with.

I know I said driving was not so bad, driving is kinda fun.

Well I take that back. I love being driven around so much more.
Plus I like to look outside the window and daydream in the car. And you cant do that as a driver can you? :p

title: i'm pretty optimistic for a pessimist.
date: May 25, 2009
time:1:12 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates. xD My semester exam is just over and its break for me now. Two weeks woohoo! I'll be back in Ipoh tomorrow (26th May). Come find me and lets go yumcha. ;))

Nothing much to report before exams, study study study and more studying my ass off.

But here are some pictures to let you guys know what has been happening since my exams finished. 8DD

Right after our last paper, Chemistry, there was an announcement that..there's a cake for my class! :) Surprise surprise! My English lecturer baked us a cake to celebrate the last day of exams maybe? A chocolate cake. Miss Ng and chocolate cake DO NOT go together. >.> And we all thought she hated our class.. Hmm..

After cutting and slicing and eating the cake, went for a manicure with Kim, JuVern and Ashlea. Didnt manage to drag Charlene along lol. I got checkerboards!

And then met up with Krishan to go to Sunway to see Karyn, Machi and Dawn. Shopped like crazy, me and karyn make good shopping buddies coz she loves clothes too. x) And karyn was complaining that Krishan 'potong steam' coz she kept wanting to go back and saying 'Enough clothes la, lets go back lets go back'. xD And Machi was sooo sweet, she carried all my shopping bags. :) Lucas said 'Karyn trained Machi well.' LOL

AHAHA look at krishan's face. She's gonna kill me if she knows I posted this lmao.

We all slept over at Krishan's place except Dawnie. And we ordered McD french fries at 1 in the morning. Yum~


Went to Subang Parade with Lucas on Sunday to buy our mother's day present. xD Better late than never. We bought such cute stuff for our mommies! Got my mom a miniature teaset so she can put it on display, the color is so her. I know she'll love it. And Lucas got me a KitKat magnet...which I'm holding upside down. :D

And I found this amusing book in MPH, bought it although it was like RM70. Huhu. T____T

And on the back cover....

Thats all for now.

title: brb
date: May 19, 2009
time:10:10 PM
my blog isnt dead.

i'm having my semester exams.

see you in two days. :)

title: body art
date: May 1, 2009
time:6:24 PM
Omg. I freakin missed my train yday. .__.

So we had to go to Pudu Raya to take a bus. I was absolutely disgusted with the place, so dark and dirty.. I like trains. ;__; And when we got there, this Malay dude started talking to us, asking us where are we going blahblah and he brought us to his counter to buy tickets to Ipoh. Krishan agreed immediately. I think Luke wanted to look at other options. Coz the bus counter just seemed shaddyyyyyy. >__> Anyhoo, we paid . And they told us the bus is at 6:30. It was 6:20. And then they made us walk further up the road from the bus station to the bus. We had to wait until like 7. Liars. -___-" And there was this Chinese guy who said they told him the bus was at 4:30. FOUR THIRTY CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. And they made him wait until 7. Poor dude. :(

And the bus we sat on was a school bus.
Do you know how long it has been since I sat on a school bus? Tsk.

It was a horrible experience. The seats were so cramped. And it was hot. And I couldnt lie back coz my seat had problems. And they showed this chinese horror flick with lots of screaming and I couldnt sleep. Sigh.

Anyhoo, I am tattoo-ed. 8D Did it this afternoon with my daddy. Thanks Ken-Ann for telling me about the place! Now I can check off 'getting a tattoo' from my checklist of things I want to do before I die. =]]

It didnt hurt as much as I expected. I'm pleased with myself. I dont care whether you like it or not. :)