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title: i came. i saw. i slashed.
date: June 24, 2009
time:5:21 PM
So today was kidney dissection day! Boy, was I looking forward to this. :D

Covered with fat! And I thought goats were vegetarian, shouldnt they have less fat?

The cut open kidney! Looks like tomato. :D

Anywayyyy, I feel like going shopping this weekend. Anyone wanna join? :D I NEED TO WATCH TRANSFORMERS WEI!

title: every second i'm without you i'm a mess.
date: June 22, 2009
time:4:23 PM
"Let me save us
I've slaughtered us, I've murdered our love
I can taste it, this blood in my mouth
This knife in my lungs
have I murdered our love?
have I murdered our love?

'Cause baby I'm not alright when you.. I'm not alright when you go
Please be all mine
I never want you to go
because I am all yours, so please be all mine."

"Let me be the one who never leaves
You all alone
I hold my breath and lose the feeling
That I'm on my own
Hold me too tight stay by my side
and let me be the one who calls you
Baby all the time

I found my place in the world
Could stare at your face for the rest of
my days
Now I can breathe, turn my insides out
and smother me
Warm and alive I'm all over you
would you smother me?"

"Oh how these moments fade away, you say you never loved me
We say things we didn't mean to say
I take it back, I take it all back now
I take it back, I take it all back

Paralyzed by the same old antics
Back and forth like some walking spastic
How could a fistfight be romantic?
Thinking back now will you ever feel the same?"

Okay, been listening to The Used a lot lately. Good stuff.
Earthquake, Smother Me, Paralyzed, Liar Liar && I Caught Fire

Go listen, or ask me for the songs!

Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave for Subang, I felt miserable as usual. I always get this horrible, sinking, lonely, close to tears feeling when I leave or when he has to go away. Since when did I become this weak?

But I got the sweetest surprise today. Lucas told me he's only coming to Subang on Wednesday and all I could think of was 2 more days 2 more days. And then today when I got home, I saw he was online so I said 'hey!'. And here was what followed.

audrey : Hey!
Lucas : Hello Audrey. I'm Lucas mom here.
audrey : Oh hello aunty! :) Lucas went out?
Lucas : He went to see you.
audrey : What? But I'm in Subang. o.O
Lucas : He must want to surprise you then.. =) All of us are down in kl actually.
audrey : (YES YES YES LUCAS IS FUCKING HERE!) Oh okays. But then now its not really a surprise coz aunty bocor already hahaha.
Lucas : Haha yes. Please keep quiet. xD He actually went to the train station yesterday but knowing him he's always LATE.. So I think he must have only seen SMOKE yesterday hahaha. (Hmm I left for Subang yesterday by train haha)
audrey : (WOOHOO! *DANCES*)

Seriously like darn friggin happy. At first I thought Lucas was pulling my leg, but then his mom started complaining about how Lucas is never punctual lah, always late lah. Then I knew it was definitely his mom lolz. Happy day!

title: lego mania
date: June 20, 2009
time:12:29 AM
Okay I admit that my obsession with Lego and Lego Starwars has flared up again. Went to Sunway Pyramid and found this ah-mazing shop of Lego! And Star Wars and Transformers goodies. So I bought a couple of stuff. How can I resist? :\

With the release of Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen, I present to you Bumblebee!

And fear my minion, ShadowTrooper!

Going back tomorrow with my daddy to buy the whole shop. xD

title: humerus.
date: June 19, 2009
time:5:25 PM
I got this funny e-mail from Tracy. And I wanna share it with all of you. :)

From the records of Institute of Mental Health :

"IMH has an old lady who wears black everyday, carries a black umbrella and squats at the entrance everyday without fail, rain or shine. The doctor wanted to administer treatment for her and decided to start by understanding her behavior.

So, the doctor also wore black and carries a black umbrella; squatted outside just next to her, rain or shine, everyday without fail. Days goes by... the two of them squatted side-by-side without a single exchange of words for one solid month...

One fine day, the old lady finally broke the silence and asked the doctor:"Err...Excuse me! Are you also a mushroom?""

"A nurse saw a patient writing a letter. . She got curious and went to take a peek.. But the patient didn't wanna let her see.

Nurse (unable to contain her curiosity): "Who are you writing to?"
Patient: "I'm writing a letter to myself..."
Her curiosity grew and she thought to herself : "Why would someone write a letter to himself?"
So she asked again: "So...what's written inside?"
Patient (got impatient): "You crazy ah? I haven't received the letter, how would I know??""

"One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH. He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home after unloading the stuff. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down.

When he was about to fix on the new tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain. The truck driver was very sad as he can't fish the bolts up and started to panic. Coincidentally, one patient walked past and asked the driver what happened. The driver told the patient the whole incident.

The patient nonchalantly replied: "Can't even fix such a simple problem...No wonder you are destined to be a truck driver..." He goes on explaining :

"You just have to take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres and fix it onto this tyre. Drive to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones."

The driver was very impressed and asked "You're so smart but why do you stay in IMH?"
Patient replied: "I stay here because I'm crazy not STUPID!""

Have a great day people!

title: i want my legos.
date: June 18, 2009
time:3:30 PM
Okay phew. I just finished sweeping and cleaning up my room. Did you just do a double take? HAHA. Yes I actually held a broom and swept my room. :) And I even got down on the floor and inspect every corner to make sure its dust and hair free. Gosh so much hair on my floor. And its all long long wan lol. But I have this immense sense of satisfaction seeing my clean floor, feel like rolling around on it. Yes, its THAT clean. ;)

Oh and today everyone was saying Taylor's is infected with H1N1!!


Miss Ng said that two students in Taylor's have been in close contact with two people who have been infected with H1N1. One of them, the father contracted it when he went to Phillipines. And the other, apparently he's a friend of someone who got H1N1. @_____@ And both of them have been coming to school everyday until today. Gahhh! Lucky A Level-ers and ICPU-ers. They're on holiday so they wont be anywhere NEAR Taylor's.

Then Mr Tharam said that one girl from S6 or something got infected by H1N1 after attending some big party.

I dont know which is true. But I'm scared. :(

On a less scary note, here's the Legotastic Picture of the Day!

title: birthdays come and go
date: June 13, 2009
time:9:27 PM
Just wanna make a shout out to JAMIE LEONG! My touchy-feely partner last time in F5 lol.

お誕生日 おめでとう!

Hope you had an amazing 18th bday, you're of legal age now! :)
Love you loads!

title: you have stolen my heart
date: June 8, 2009
time:4:28 PM

Hmm okay guys I wanna make a compilation of awesome songs about love out there. So come in with your suggestions? :)

#1. Two Less Lonely People in the World - Air Supply
#2. Almost Here - Bryan McFadden feat. Delta Goodrem
#3. Superhuman - Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson

#4. I Miss You - Darren Hayes
#5. Lost Without You - Darren Hayes
#6. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional

#7. Hands Down (Acoustic) - Dashboard Confessional
#8. Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem
#9. I Dont Wannt Miss a Thing - David Cook

#10. Always be My Baby - David Cook
#11. When I'm With You - Faber Drive
#12. Cassis - the GazettE
#13. Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye
#14. Oh, it is Love - Hellogoodbye
#15. Baby, it's Fact - Hellogoodbye

#16. Smother Me - The Used
#17. You Give Me Something - James Morrison
#18. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

#19. Lucky - Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

#20. If it Kills Me - Jason Mraz

#21. Take My Breath Away - Jessica Simpson

#22. Built to Last - Melee

#23. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's

#24. I'm Done - The Pussycat Dolls

#25. True - Ryan Cabrera

#26. Your Call - Secondhand Serenade

#27. Stay Close, Dont Go - Secondhand Serenade

#28. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
#29. Fearless - Taylor Swift

#30. Love Story - Taylor Swift

#31. I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) - The Used
#32. For You I Will - Teddy Gieger
#33. First Love - Utada Hikaru

#34. Unintended - Muse
#35. Knock You Down - Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo
#36. Find a Way - The Used

title: its good that you're back.
date: June 6, 2009
time:11:01 AM
Been pretty busy these days. But its all good. :) Lucas is back in Ipoh! w00tw00t. I was soooo bored last week since everyone was too busy to hang out with me. :( This week's much much better.

Went out with Debbie, KaiTeng and Mun on Wednesday to Jayjay. Laughed so much with them, seriously so sor lol. Oh yeah, nah Kiern you get to see my 'fixed' hair. :)

Me the 'tomboy' with my two girlfs. :)

Then on Thursday, followed Lucas and his sister to Teluk Batik! We were volunteers bringing some autistic children to the beach. :) It was a good experience and it was tons of fun although the bus's tyre punctured halfway lmao. And there was this naughty little girl who seemed to take a liking to Lucas.

Girl : I squeeze your banana then you know.
Lucas : I make one hole in you THEN you know. :)

So funny. And then the girl brought her autistic cousin to Lucas and she said 'Kiss him.' And her cousin really went up to Lucas and puckered his lips to Lucas's face! HAHAHA YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN LUCAS'S FACE. Thinking of his expression makes me laugh now. xD And he was like the 'toilet chaperone' for the day. He teman-ed all the little boys who wanted to go pee haha. It was cute seeing him hold hands with the little kids.

But the day kinda ended badly as I ended up getting an eye infection since some salt water went into my eyes. :( So I had to go to the doctor to get some eyedrops which I gotta put every two hours huhu. T^T

And on Friday me and Lucas went to Kampar to see some of our friends. :D It was totally fun getting there coz both of us werent entirely sure how to get there so I used my iPhone's GPS. 8D It was nice seeing JiaFoong again, miss her so much! Hope I'll get to see her again the next time I come back to Ipoh. Take care in UTAR, its only your first week there so just stay friendly and open minded there and you'll be fine I know! ^-^

Had dinner at Lucas's place. His mom cooked the yummiest egg with french beans for me! And I guess I kinda ate a lot lol. My plate was clean! Almost clean, except for the chicken. @.@

I'm going back to Subang tomorrow so the next post would probably take awhile lol. Anyhoo, thats all for now, take care everyone! And enjoy your school holidays. ;)