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title: My heart will not agree to be alone.
date: November 29, 2009
time:5:52 PM
Hello people! I'm finally back in Ipoh. Gosh, my dad's car was like filled with boxes of my crap accumulated in Subang. I didnt know I had so many clothes. And I still want to go shopping. Ahahaha.

So I'm back in sleepy ol' Ipoh. I havent gone out yet, just confined myself to my house. Watching teevee, I went for almost a whole year without television okayy. But now I feel like shopping. So I'll be off to Parade later with my parents (why yes, I'm driving) but only to get important stuffs. Like.. Liquid eyeliner. And a razor. And nail polish. :D

Lucas starts his exams tomorrow, all the best. :) You only missed being valedictorian by a teensy bit, but you'll ace the exams I know. :) Oh and happy anniversary to us, one year of togetherness lolz.

So who's around in Ipoh? Let's hang out~

giggled when I saw this

title: Holidayyyys!
date: November 23, 2009
time:6:15 PM
Who knew I'd be even busier after finals?! Anyhoo lots of stuff had happened such as the Malacca trip! Where most of the pictures are on FB since I didnt bring my cam lolz. And SAM Corroboree 09! Which I'm having trouble uploading on FB coz of the sucky connection.

Preparing for the prom was super fun, I only found my dress a day before the prom. At bangsar. 8D It was simple but I liked it, sadly it was black. 99.99% of the people at prom wore black. Boohoo. :'( But everyone looked super fabulous. I didnt bother to do my hair, but I wore a cute little hairband and tied it up and I had make-up done which didnt turn out like expected but wasnt too bad. =D

And I snuck Lucas to my prom! My friends all know him so it doesnt matter. ^^ The ballroom was super huge and nice but the food was only okayy. And we didnt spend much time eating coz we were so busy taking pictures with all our lecturers. I cant believe that it was the end of SAM already. D:

Oh I'm addicted to RO now thanks to Crystal, Leong and Lucas lol. I'll be heading back to Ipoh this friday. Looking forward to life back in Ipoh. :D See you guys there!

*****Looks like my connection just wont let my upload photos. :( I'll keep trying, until then its all text. Some of the pictures are on FB though.. Sorry guys.*****

title: Semi-hiatus.
date: November 5, 2009
time:12:09 PM

Hmm I'm having finals now but I'm like 60% done woohoo! :D I'll only update after my finals kay? With more pictures of me and Cookie. <3 I cant wait to see her! Anyway whats in store in the near future for me..

a) Finals ending next Wednesday. Only two more days of exams!
b) I'm going on a class trip to Malacca for 3 days! Will have pics. :D
c) Will lepak in Subang/KL to shop and berseronok lol.
d) Going back to Ipoh. Home sweet home! With family and pup.
e) Holidayyyys! Might go vacation-ing with Lucas.
f) Gonna catch up with all my buddies. MayJet is coming back from Melbourne w00t!

Ahh I cant wait! Its gonna be sooo good after finals. ^.^v