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She's Audrey. 18 this year. A Leo. From Ipoh and currently in Subang. Loves music, shopping, photoshop and Lego. Scared of being alone. Thinks that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Is made of awesomeness.

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title: life is short. and so is your penis.
date: July 13, 2009
time:7:02 PM
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I go there a lot to get a daily dose of creativeness and humor. :)

Went back to Ipoh last weekend for Hari Anugerah. Its always nice meeting old friends again. Its sad how far apart we all are now. :( Anyhoo, went to Parade after the ceremony to meet up with Jessica, Chin, SokWai, YeeSan and Yippie. It was exactly like those times back in F5. :( We were like a real family in 5S1.. Chin was our 'mom', the ever responsible monitor. SokWai was the genius, always willing to teach. Jessica was the popular one with a fanclub in the school haha. YeeSan was the sexy and flirty one. Yippie was the hardworking student, always completing all her homework. Jamie would be my touchy feely partner, we always had an arm around each other haha. KaYee was the loud and noisy one who always makes everyone laugh. ZhiHui would be in eternal sleep during lessons lol. And Lydia will always be the cheerful girl..unless you pissed her off that morning ahhaha. EeXin, someone I really look up to and I think we could've gotten along really well if we had more time to get closer. JiaFoong is the fair princess, I've known her well since primary school days. We would all tease Glenna for her blurness and her obsession towards A lol. And MayJet was the best deskmate ever. I never planned on sitting with her in F5, but it turned out so good. And now I miss all of them so much. :(

Anyhoo, I went to join Ken-Ann and Lamlam after hanging out with Chin etc. :D And it was exactly like those times back in F3. :( I wonder whether Ken-Ann remembers the time me and her went to JJ until 10pm after school in our school uniforms, just goofing off together.. And I wonder whether Crystal remembers all those times we spent after school in the classrooms until 6. Good times in highschool. Suddenly I'm missing everyone so much. :'(

title: family means nobody gets left behind.
date: July 2, 2009
time:9:23 PM
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Haha somehow Shu Sim and Yu Ling started constructing the family tree of our class. And here's the incomplete version of it. :D And boy, is my family dysfunctional.

It all started off when Min Chern met Er Yuin.. A very sweet love story which produced Sean, the 'interesting' one. Sean went off the marry Alicia and they had a beautiful baby boy who loves to daydream during Physics class. :) This baby boy, Jun Kiat, fell in love with his bed, Katrina and they happily had little half human half bed offsprings, Kimberley, Charlene and Rei Chiel. Sean, on the other hand, married Suet Yoong the next day right after marrying Alicia! He's so awesome lol. And Suet Yoong had a son named Fook Zhen who came to realize his own sexuality and married Mark, the class clown. Through IVF, one sperm of FookZhen and one sperm of Mark fertilized a single ovum to produce a pair of non-identical twins, Audrey and Ashlea.

And THAT is how I came about. :)

Life in the FookZhen-Mark household is not a happy one. Me and Ashlea actually plan to run away from our parents. And our Uncle Jun Kiat even offered to take us in as his half bed daughters lol. Mark is our mom, a very controlling mom. While FookZhen is the dad who loves to play pool all the time. ~__~ I guess FookZhen met Mark at the Asia Cafe pool and tadahh love spawned!

Mark grounded me for life today for having piercings and dyed hair. While Ashlea got a warning from him to dress modestly. -____- And our parents even threatened to send us to the Henry Gurney school, and that disciplinary school is for boys only! Also, FookZhen was outta cash and wanted Ashlea and me to give HIM money. Shouldnt the dad and mom be giving their daughters money? Tsk. But life in my family is a funny one, Mark's so funny he had me in stitches. And FookZhen isnt a bad dad, he's nicer than Mark. Although he abuses my twin sister. D: Ahh I love my class family! :)