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title: Cookie. =)
date: October 26, 2009
time:10:01 AM
So that night my parents called me and we were brainstorming for names for our little pup.
Some of the names we came up with :

1. Abby
2. Coco
3. Amber
4. Cookie (partly suggested by Lucas too :p)
5. Roxy
6. Summer
7. Nikki
8. Mocha
9. Bailey
10. Muffin

Well we settled on Cookie coz it seems to fit her color and it sounds really adorable just like she is. :) My dad e-mailed me pictures of her and she's super cuddly and adorable! I cant wait to go back to Ipoh and play with her.

Super adorable!

title: RealPlayer SP Plus
date: October 23, 2009
time:4:03 PM
Okay, so I'm not much of a RealPlayer user but I've always seen Lucas use it and it seems really easy to use so I gave it a shot. Now its so easy to download videos off the internet, you can download them off YouTube, Facebook, etc. Just mouse over the video you want to download and a little tab will appear above the video saying Download This Video. Click on it and it'll be downloaded to your computer. Its as simple as that. :) Its also compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and gaming devices. I havent tried converting video formats but apparently its really easy to convert videos with RealPlayer as well. And of course its very nifty for burning DVDs and CDs.


Might be going to Sunway later. Krishan wants to go. :p I want to eat at TGI Fridays but I dont want to pay lol.

title: woof woof
date: October 21, 2009
time:5:50 PM

My dad just called just now and he said we're going to get a Golden Retriever pup! Finally! I've wanted one ever since I was 12. We'll be getting it in a few days but I can only see her after my exams. :( She's pure bred with a microchip on her, certificate and all! *__* How cool is that lol. They're so adorable too. Gonna think of names now, suggestions anyone? :D

title: Design is thinking made visual.
date: October 20, 2009
time:4:43 PM
Okay so we got our yearbooks today. Well, I got it yesterday at the Editorial Board and Student Council party at KFC, Subang Parade. :p Anyhoo, I was super nervous coz I wasnt sure how the cover would turn out and whether would people actually like it. So it looks like this....

front cover

back cover

Well, being the designer I was pretty damn proud of my work. But well I got mixed reactions from everyone. My friends said its nice but maybe coz they're my friends. Some of my classmates who didnt know I designed said it looked stupid, and last year's was stupid too. I heard someone call it ugly. Ouch. Sigh, I just had to get outta the class at that point.

Oh and if art is thinking made visual, I guess my thoughts are pretty stupid. I cant believe I'm so affected by this.