cause i left my heart with you.


She's Audrey. 18 this year. A Leo. From Ipoh and currently in Subang. Loves music, shopping, photoshop and Lego. Scared of being alone. Thinks that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Is made of awesomeness.

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title: Megan Fox is the new face of Armani.
date: January 26, 2010
time:2:00 PM

Rob Patt in HP

Work today was fun! Coz me, pek wan and rui xiang ended up browsing designer bags. xD And Tiffany & Co. has the prettiest bracelets! I want.

I was in a dilemma earlier on because of my accomodation once I start studying in Monash. I wanted to stay with lucas but its too far from Monash and there's no shuttle service unlike Taylors. :( Couldnt find a place, so my cousin offered to let me stay with her. Pros : Free accomodation, free food, new car. Cons : Not much freedom. :( But today I found a room to let at a house opposite Sunway Medical so I can walk across and take the free shuttle service to Monash. :) Single room, RM450, air-cond, attached bathroom, clean. Sounds good. I can shuttle to Pyramid easily also. HOHO.

I'm in a super duper good mood today and its because of you. ^.^