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She's Audrey. 18 this year. A Leo. From Ipoh and currently in Subang. Loves music, shopping, photoshop and Lego. Scared of being alone. Thinks that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Is made of awesomeness.

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title: Keep your comments to yourself please.
date: January 27, 2010
time:7:22 PM

I worked full day today for the Food Eating Competition at Olympia. When we were preparing the food for the competition, I was friggin glad I didnt join. xD They had to stack burgers filled with lemon, chilli padi, bitter gourd, mashed tofu, raw egg and condensed milk topped with sugar. *shudders* During the comp my job was to video everyone. Kesian them la, their faces all macam wanna puke. >.<

After the comp, I went to minum at the mamak with paddy, ruixiang & yip, flody, rex and the other foreign students. :) I guess they wanted to wash their mouths after the burgers haha. Oh and rui xiang invited me for her boyf's bday celebration next week friday, hope I can go. :)

Friday is coming. And lucas is coming backkkk.