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title: I just like people to think I'm smart.
date: January 25, 2010
time:5:15 PM

When I saw this picture, I totally thought of folding it to make them kiss too. xD

Today was a slow day at work. Me and rui xiang were like a stamping factory haha. We were pasting stamps on letters, we have 44000 letters. :) It sounds boring but its not. Once you get the rhythm, its like automatic. You dont have to think and you can just talk and laugh while your hand works.

Oh and my dad got back from deep sea fishing off the coast of Pangkor and he brought back this super huge fish which was like 7kg. We sent it to the wet market for them to cut it into pieces for them. And you know what they did? They cut it but STOLE some pieces for themselves! When we got the fish back, it was so obviously smaller. Such dishonest people.

And now I'm watching this show called Beauty and the Geek. Gosh, I'm really enjoying it. It's all about beautiful-but-not-so-smart girls being paired with smart-but-not-so-cute geeks. And the winner at the end of the show is the pair that has changed the most to become a better and more wholesome person. ^^ I dont know whether are some of the girls so dumb or are they just acting lol. One girl said her IQ was 7. :D