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title: Chipsmore tiem! :D
date: January 29, 2010
time:4:04 PM
Which are you?

I'm having some problems saving the Food Eating Competition video for Olympia so no video yet sigh. :( Joined my aunty, sylvia and my cousin, eliza, for lunch at Jyu. Had my cheese omelette and grilled potato again lol. Yum~ After that we went to check out some boutiques nearby. There were some pretty dresses and tops that I think would look good on me lol. But I was determined not to spend. In the end my cousin bought two tops, white pants and a black fitted blazer. While my aunt bought various tops. ^^ They kept picking clothes and saying how nice I would look in them. But I dont have anywhere to wear those kind of clothes. Unless I work or go clubbing. :p And nirmal complimented me today, saying I was named the hottest girl in college by the guys haha. *kepala besar*

And I just found out today that my family is having a barbecue tomorrow night. I found out from my aunt. When my mom is the one organizing. =____= It's a family affair but I'll try asking whether lucas can come. ^^