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title: its good that you're back.
date: June 6, 2009
time:11:01 AM
Been pretty busy these days. But its all good. :) Lucas is back in Ipoh! w00tw00t. I was soooo bored last week since everyone was too busy to hang out with me. :( This week's much much better.

Went out with Debbie, KaiTeng and Mun on Wednesday to Jayjay. Laughed so much with them, seriously so sor lol. Oh yeah, nah Kiern you get to see my 'fixed' hair. :)

Me the 'tomboy' with my two girlfs. :)

Then on Thursday, followed Lucas and his sister to Teluk Batik! We were volunteers bringing some autistic children to the beach. :) It was a good experience and it was tons of fun although the bus's tyre punctured halfway lmao. And there was this naughty little girl who seemed to take a liking to Lucas.

Girl : I squeeze your banana then you know.
Lucas : I make one hole in you THEN you know. :)

So funny. And then the girl brought her autistic cousin to Lucas and she said 'Kiss him.' And her cousin really went up to Lucas and puckered his lips to Lucas's face! HAHAHA YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN LUCAS'S FACE. Thinking of his expression makes me laugh now. xD And he was like the 'toilet chaperone' for the day. He teman-ed all the little boys who wanted to go pee haha. It was cute seeing him hold hands with the little kids.

But the day kinda ended badly as I ended up getting an eye infection since some salt water went into my eyes. :( So I had to go to the doctor to get some eyedrops which I gotta put every two hours huhu. T^T

And on Friday me and Lucas went to Kampar to see some of our friends. :D It was totally fun getting there coz both of us werent entirely sure how to get there so I used my iPhone's GPS. 8D It was nice seeing JiaFoong again, miss her so much! Hope I'll get to see her again the next time I come back to Ipoh. Take care in UTAR, its only your first week there so just stay friendly and open minded there and you'll be fine I know! ^-^

Had dinner at Lucas's place. His mom cooked the yummiest egg with french beans for me! And I guess I kinda ate a lot lol. My plate was clean! Almost clean, except for the chicken. @.@

I'm going back to Subang tomorrow so the next post would probably take awhile lol. Anyhoo, thats all for now, take care everyone! And enjoy your school holidays. ;)