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title: i want my legos.
date: June 18, 2009
time:3:30 PM
Okay phew. I just finished sweeping and cleaning up my room. Did you just do a double take? HAHA. Yes I actually held a broom and swept my room. :) And I even got down on the floor and inspect every corner to make sure its dust and hair free. Gosh so much hair on my floor. And its all long long wan lol. But I have this immense sense of satisfaction seeing my clean floor, feel like rolling around on it. Yes, its THAT clean. ;)

Oh and today everyone was saying Taylor's is infected with H1N1!!


Miss Ng said that two students in Taylor's have been in close contact with two people who have been infected with H1N1. One of them, the father contracted it when he went to Phillipines. And the other, apparently he's a friend of someone who got H1N1. @_____@ And both of them have been coming to school everyday until today. Gahhh! Lucky A Level-ers and ICPU-ers. They're on holiday so they wont be anywhere NEAR Taylor's.

Then Mr Tharam said that one girl from S6 or something got infected by H1N1 after attending some big party.

I dont know which is true. But I'm scared. :(

On a less scary note, here's the Legotastic Picture of the Day!