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title: random notes
date: April 16, 2009
time:3:26 PM
Lets just make it clear that if I dont update my blog it means a) I'm too busy or b) I dont feel like blogging or c) I'm too busy with fun-er stuffs. :D

On a random note, I got my iPhone. <3

On a more random note, I dont have class tomorrow so my lecturer let my class out early today. =D And then me, Kim, JuVern, Ashlea and Charlene went up to the Taylor's rooftop. 8DD Now, how many of you all can actually SAY you've BEEN up there ay.

pictures by my totally awesome iPhone

And then we got chased back down by a lecturer lmao.

My last random note I swear. xD We had Bio Practical today on Mitosis. Yes, we actually got to see Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase with a microscope. So full of win. X)

Oh wait one more, one more random note. :]] audrey 's domo-kun.

End of random notes.