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title: lust to love
date: April 19, 2009
time:2:22 PM
Hmm I checked my matriks status and I got accepted, into some college in Pahang. Buuuttt..I'm gonna continue studying in Taylor's.. Perhaps if they had offered it to me BEFORE Taylor's I would've accepted. But its just so much fun in Taylor's, the people, the coursework.. I'm quite reluctant to leave Subang now. And when I read my friend's blogs about how they didnt get matriks..I just feel like I'm wasting my chance, you know? So many people wanna get matriks and I'm just throwing it away like that. :\

Anyhoo, today I had scramble eggs and omelette made by my boyf. :DD Felt so stuffed after that. @__@ Oh and halfway cooking the omelette, my smoke alarm went off. It was so annoying coz the tone was so high pitched.

Finished! :]]

And I found this beautiful piece on Deviantart, I just read it over and over again..

Dear Sex,

I know we've had some good times together, but we haven't seen each other for a long time (perhaps too long) and I'd like to see you again. Unfortunately, I have some bad news.

There's something you should know. I don't feel the same way as I used to, and I'm sorry. You are a great thing, but...there's someone else. Someone that makes you seem...plain.

Her name is Love. She is a truly wondrous thing to behold, and I've recently become very well acquainted with Love. You will always make me feel good, but something deep within my very soul reaches out when Love calls. The very thought of Love makes me go numb. I thought you were all I needed, but I can't live without Love.

I wish it didn't end up this way, but at the same time, I wish it had happened sooner. I want to see you every now and again, but Love will always be with me when I see you from now on. I'm sure you will appreciate how Love makes our together time feel like something more.

The Heart