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title: where'd you go
date: March 21, 2009
time:8:17 AM
Heyhey! Sorry for the lack of updates, been a supah hectic week.

I'm now back in Ipoh for the JPA scholarship hospital exposure thingy. @__@ Gotta miss class for one week. Noooooo! I'm dreading coming back to all the notes and homework I missed. TAT And I cant see Debbie or Phuiyan who came down to Subang! Debbie's coming to Taylor's I'm soooo excited! But I cant be there to teman her during her first week. :((( And Phuiyan's there for INTI's open day! It would be so totally awesome if she came to INTI! And I received a call from Dawn who asked me about My Place apartments, she said she's considering Taylors. Whee!

A lot of things have been happening lately, making me worried.. So he took me to the doctor's to get it all checked. I was so worried.. And I dont know what I'd do if I had to face all this alone. I'm really glad he was with me, even when going in to see the doctor. I'm really glad he didnt go back to Ipoh for his one week break but instead stayed here and teman-ed me. I'm really glad he came back to Ipoh with me this weekend and took really good care of me last night when I wasnt feeling so well again.. I'm just really glad I have him. Like I told him, if anyone asks me, how is he, I'll always say he's absolutely awesome. :)

Oh yeah and that day when I was driving, my driving instructor asked me to ask my boyfriend to let me drive his car to practice LOL. And then he started asking me a lot about him. And I was like so enthusiastic to talk about him that I got distracted and ter-swerved off the road lol. x___x

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go play Left 4 Dead now with my brother haha. One day should play with Lucas too. But he seems like very pro. LOL. Bye peoples!

Guys get so surprised when they learn that I play Left 4 Dead. .__. Its funny.