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title: && I will find a way to you if it kills me
date: March 6, 2009
time:8:11 PM
Okayyy I should've like blogged about Jason Mraz like yesterday. But I was too busy karaoke-ing in REDBOX yday with my classmates LOL. Seriously. Can you people believe it? I fucking SANG.

I didnt take pictures so if you wanna see pics go to CRYSTAL'S BLOG. :]

At first me and Lucas were like a teensy weensy late and the bus was like God knows where so Lucas called his taxi driver 'friend' who ZOOMED us all the way to 1U to meet Lamlam. Since we're talking about Lucas, LOL, I've always been so amazed at how he gets along so easily with everyone and makes friends just like that *snaps fingers* (I cant actually snap but whatever.) *__* He amazes me in his little little ways. ^-^

Anyway Jason Mraz was OMG AMAZING! He started off so beautifully, his first line that night to the audience was 'Wake up everyoneeee~' from Make It Mine. Most of the songs he sang were from his new album but he did include a couple of his popular older tracks. :] I was hoping but doubting to hear Bella Luna or Melt With You, but the overall tracklist for the concert was perfect. I loved how he mixed a couple of his songs together, he makes it sound oh-so natural.. And I just swoon everytime he started scatting. ♥ ♥ ♥ He also sang the ever popular I'm Yours and Lucky, with this Malaysian singer Penny? LOL duno who's that.

His goofiness on stage totally helped everyone to relax and start having fun. And before I realized it, I even started singing along with him and fully enjoying myself. :) It was such a memorable and happy experience and I'm so glad I went with Crystal and Lucas. Jason Mraz is truly an amazing artist. Unlike some singers who sound horrible live whereas Jason actually sounds even BETTER live. The next time JM comes to Malaysia, I'm gonna get the tickets closest to him. xD

Me and Crystal bought these Jason Mraz shirts too. :) I love wearing it lol.

Special thanks to Crystal's daddy for fetching us there and sending us home so I wont get raped. LOL. :]