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title: gimme gimme that high five
date: March 9, 2009
time:4:07 PM

I went for my driving practical yesterdayy! And I know I told everyone I'm sooooo lazy to learn how to drive, I'd rather just get a driver and make him fetch me around.. But I found out today that..I really like to drive. Its fun! 8DDD A late realization lol.

The first 3 hours of taklimat was so friggin boring, I seriously wanted to WHACK the speaker. Coz I couldnt understand a word he says, he speaks in Malay you see. And his weird. Pronounciation wise. And he speaks so damn fast, I can only catch the last word of his every sentence. Wtf right.

But the 3 hours practical totally made up for it! :D

And it was so funny during my practical coz I cant speak Cantonese. My instructor cant speak English. So we were conversing in Malay to each other. 8DD luckily my Malay isnt rusty lol. Maziah will be proud! Speaking of Maziah, I'm gonna go visit her on Thursday, yes SPM results day. I hope I'll have good news for her. I miss her soooo much. :[[

And I only mati enjin 3 times! w00tw00t!

"Eh you punya boyfriend pernah ajar kamu driving ke? Macam tau saja."
"Saya tak pernah pegang steering sebelum ini laa."