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She's Audrey. 18 this year. A Leo. From Ipoh and currently in Subang. Loves music, shopping, photoshop and Lego. Scared of being alone. Thinks that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Is made of awesomeness.

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title: . . .
date: March 31, 2009
time:11:07 AM
Sorry for the lack of updates, been travelling back and forth to Ipoh, like A LOT seriously. Missed a whole week of classes coz of the JPA hospital attachment, I wouldnt say it was a total waste of time. Maybe it wasted 85% of my time there. :)

And now I'm back in Ipoh AGAIN for JPA interview. I was reluctant to leave Subang. :( And parts of me wished I never applied for the JPA scholarship at all. :(( I'm totally lost in Maths already, luckily my awesome Maths lecturer's gonna give some extra classes. 8DD And my assignments are piling up like dunowhat.

Oh went for Parents Teachers Day last Saturday. Not really nervous coz my lecturer's are uber nice. ;)) Made my daddy ask Mr. John (my physics lecturer) what race is he. :\\ In class we're always bugging him for his racial background seeing how he has this super cool name, Mr. Fraser John Perera. xD Apparently he's a Chindian (duno how to spell haha).

Cant wait to go back to Subang. You're waiting for meeeee. =DD