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She's Audrey. 18 this year. A Leo. From Ipoh and currently in Subang. Loves music, shopping, photoshop and Lego. Scared of being alone. Thinks that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Is made of awesomeness.

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title: omg. ANOTHER blog.
date: February 17, 2009
time:9:32 PM
HAHAH! Yesh, I opened another blog. :DD I seem to enjoy opening a new blog, getting all giddily excited and posting like crazy then abandoning and forgetting the blog, swearing NEVER to blog again and then repeating the whole process all over. 8D Anyways, since I'm in college now a couple of people have been asking me to like blog again. So we can keep in touch and they'll know whats happening in my life as a college student, w00t w00t! College friggin rocks! Like seriously, you guys should get into college. NOW. XD Its scary but exciting and you get to meet a whole ton of new friends anndddd no parents! Lol. So whoever actually bothers to come read this, you'll be enlightened/bored to death with my rantings about anything that seems to amuse me in this life. :) I think this should be good enough for a first post so.. toodles for now~

Oh yeah, how was everyone's Valentines? Just curious~