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title: Where's my ang pow?
date: February 12, 2010
time:3:39 PM
My last day of work! No longer working already. My position taken over by weisheng. Good luck! :) I was so touched today, got goodbye presents from the people at the front desk. pekwan gave me a gorgeous bracelet and a four leaf clover to hang on my phone. ruixiang gave me a piggy bank! and flody gave me a white leather band for my arm. Thank you everyone! It was an amazing experience working in Olympia and meeting all of you..

So yesterday we had a little lunch over pizza and chicken wings. My farewell party. I baked cupcakes with names for all of them. :)

Valentine's Day is coming. Whats everyone doing? It's the first day of CNY too. :) Cant wait to give lucas his present. Made something special for him. Aussie friends going off already next week. I'm starting classes soon too. Off to become a doctor! Alright, better go play GTA CTW and finish it lol~

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!!

title: He's a wolf in disguise. My wolfie. :)
date: February 10, 2010
time:5:28 PM
Okay havent been blogging lately. Sent my Macbook to computer dude so he can install Windows on it too. So now I have both Windows and Macintosh on my laptop. :D Anyway, my last week of work already! I feel kinda sad. pekwan and ruixiang told my aunty that they feel sad I'm leaving. It has been so so awesome working with all these people. We're all gonna have lunch this friday and I'll be bringing something special for all of them as a thank you. :)

Today went back to school to see GB marching.. Seriously no semangat at all. Not like last time.. Haha me, mayjet and debs joined in the marching too. Not bad weh, we can still march. *bangga* Got to see cyy and the volleyball team. Wished them luck for their volleyball match against AMC. Saw tons of juniors. Mayjet was asking how come I know so many people, every 10 seconds someone says hi to me lol.

title: He ate my heart.
date: February 1, 2010
time:9:16 PM

Today pekwan came to work with her new Coach bag! The one I liked! So gorgeous wehh. Would look uber good on me. RM1.7k please. And she got a Coach purse to match her bag, she keeps her white PSP GO in it. And a Tagheuer watch, RM4k. Her Tiffany watch which she wanted was RM9k, too expensive dy. :o Now I feel like getting a PSP, my own which I dont have to share with my bro so I can bring it to KL to play.

My parents had a mini BBQ for me again today coz I wanted to eat the potatoes. It took so long to start up the fire. And so long to cook the potatoes. We started at 7pm. Finished close to 9pm. It was so nice of them to go through all the trouble to just grill some potatoes for me. :( I was so touched. Thank you daddy & mommy. I'm friggin stuffed now.

I didnt talk much to lucas today. I guess he's busy. He's out somewhere. I dont know where. :( It's been so long already. :(

title: It's hard not to miss you when you're not around.
date: January 31, 2010
time:8:51 PM

I cant believe Sunday is going to be over and Monday is looming around the corner. Lucas has gone back to PJ. I hate the feeling everytime he leaves, I feel empty and so alone. And tears come no matter how hard I try to fight it. I'm just waiting for when I can see him again. I wished life could be like back in Subang again.

Anyway its back to work tomorrow. Not sure whether I'll go for rui xiang's party this friday. I'm not that close to them and I'm trying to avoid this guy who's becoming too close for comfort. x__x Oh and did I mention my brother got a pet scorpion. Wtf lol.

So who wants to go out this week? :)

title: Vampires do NOT sparkle.
date: January 30, 2010
time:11:44 PM

Today was a freakingly awesome day! I got up at 8 and showered and got dress. Called lucas around 9 to wake him up. He picked me up around 11? Went over to his place and just hung out, talking. :3 Ordered pizza, cheese lava! Yummy lunch. Had barbecue for dinner. Crabs, ray fish, chicken wings, potatoes, sausages, salad, beef strips and marshmallows! So glad lucas could join. After dinner, headed up to my parents room and he played a bit of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 with my brother and cousin. I cant wait for another day to spend with him tomorrow. ^-^

I'm effin tired. But effin happy. :D